Cellar of Hungarian Wines

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Modernized Traditions- cellar of Hungarian wines

pince poharar 2Impressively large, old, carved wine barrels converted into showcases by outstanding architects work, interactive program possibilities, noble wines, wine tastings, so presented since 2014 the cellar of the Hungarian wines.

The 180-year-old wine cellar awaits its guests throughout the year.
In the course of the extensive renovation work, we have endeavored to preserve tradition skillfully combined with modernity.
The huge barrels and the impressive design make a not ordinary sight and lasting impression on the visitor.

pince trezor 4The interactive exhibition introduces the Hungarian winemaking tradition and wine culture.

Divided into 22 wine regions, each exhibited in a barrel, the visitor can inform himself about the size, location and special features, as well as the cultivated grape varieties and produced wines of the respective growing area.

You capince trezor 5n also find  the 8 original patented pálinka and the best sect in the country.

Also, so-called wine safes were set up, which can be rented and stocked with wine. So you have the opportunity to serve your friends and acquaintances from your own vault of wine, or can organize a small wine tasting in the circle of friends

Of course, all wines, palinka and sparkling wine can also be tasted and purchased.

For a professional wine tasting we offer variations of finest delicacies.

Our sommelier will gladly inform you about the wines and schnapps offered, as well as our wine tasting programs.


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