Weekend Recharge

“The wine cheers you up and make you beautiful” – Exciting pleasure days

  • 4 days/3 nights 2 persons

Package available: from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday

  • Half board
  • Wine tasting program for 2 people in the Hungarian wines cellar

A Magyar Borok Pincéjében megismerheti a 22 magyar borvidéket, az eredetvédett pálinkákat és a hazai pezsgőket, majd Házunk borait kínáljuk!
In the Hungarian wines cellar you can learn about the 22 Hungarian wine region of origin protected palinkas and national champagnes and wines what Our we offer!

Wine Therapy Spa for the ladies – Anubis Cosmetics / Sunday or Monday /
The wines have been used in ancient Rome as a rejuvenating component. Anubis discovered the attraction of this Mediterranean grapes, and no specific treatment has transformed into. The wine therapy is not just the looks, the interior can upload, vitality, invigorates, rejuvenates. The wine Anubis mask therapeutic creams and rich in trace elements and minerals. When using the skin velvety soft becomes. Scent enchant.

Bamboo massage to the Lord / Sunday or Monday /
Special exotic pampering body massage with bamboo sticks . Bamboo massage relaxes the energy blockages in the body, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system, reduces muscle tension and relieve pain of the spinal . The use of bamboo creates a pleasant, relaxed state and tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system, relieves mental and physical tension. The relief massage, relaxation, harmony.
Packages are available Thursday or Friday arrival.
Price: 49.900 Huf.