csárda külső2

One of the most decisive factor to our estate is the traditional thatched tavern which have 3 imposing furnace to get divorced the flagship of the services.

The roofed part of our heated tavern hosts up to 100 guests and can be used all the year. With its connected thatched terrace 300 guests may enjoy the programs.

csarda belso

With hungarian guest liking and traditional dishes, paining environment, with wood handmade statues we wait our kindly guests.

In the night hours with live gypsy music and if we have an order we entertain our guest with folklore program.csarda belso2


In our menu list you have to find out furnace dishes and traditional domestic dishes too.

Menulibamáj tokajis körtével

Traditional dishes offered by our tavern:
Goose liver tower served with pears treated by wines of Tokaj, home style Lecsó (Vegetable stew of Paprika and tomato)
Sándor Rózsa’s favorite dish (garlic spare ribs, streaky bacon, and fried onion), Fish soup – Balaton style.


egeszhal sütveDishes from the furnace:stuffed cabbage Makó style, Duck or Pig roast, roasted turkey or goose served with red wine braised red cabbage and mashed potato.



Traditional cauldron dishes:Cauldron stew, Ox muzzle with dumplings,Hungarian grey cattle stew
Bográcsételek: Bográcsgulyás, Marhalábszár pörkölt fokhagymás csuszatésztával, Ökörpofa pörkölt kanalas nokedlivel.




Seasonal and thematical menulist offered by our tavern:

easter dishes, made of goose on ‘Márton’ days, pupkin dishes, Santa Claus menu, Christmas menu

f we have a special request we can make any invidual menu list.
To the traditional hungarian taste we are offer to our relishable wine and ancestry covert sake and the Hungarian wine cellar all day open and waiting the guests.