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Rádpuszta – a manor featuring adventurous recreation for all. The Balatonlelle Rádpuszta Gastro Adventure Manor is blessed with a unique territorial and environmental endowments on a stunning estate. In terms of accessibility the M7 motorway is just 800 meters away, while the Lake Balaton is 3.0 km from the site. Hiding from the milling crowds, close to the Lake Balaton, encompassed by smaller lakes a real treasure awaits those who wish to discover frustration-free experience. We offer services, experiences and tradition to our guests visiting, staying or returning!

Looking back to the past the Somogy County settlement has been inhabited since the middle of the tenth century. The name of the settlement is linked to the origin of a legend. King Saint Stephen’s wife, Gisella’s favorite Bavarian knight had a son named Rád. Not only had the name of the son, but also the whole Rád clan got its name from there.

felülnézetHere you will find the ruins of the XIII. century late-Romanesque style, carved sandstone and brick Árpád age church featuring summer chamber music evenings and offering a perfect venue for wedding ceremonies.

Centuries passed and one a half decades ago a new era began in the history of Balatonlelle-Rádpuszta. Back in 1997, the purchase of a ruinous building launched the process and the result is the 6.5 hectares tourist center at the dead-end town having only 150 inhabitants by now. The riding school certified by the Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Association features a Demonstration Site, which is awarded with 5 horseshoes.
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Csárda Restaurant offers traditional Hungarian dishes and the 180 years old Cellar of Hungarian Wines features an exhibition of Hungarian wines from all over the 22 wine regions of Hungary. We also present the domestic sparkling wines and protected origin palinkas.

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You may also actively spend your spare time, but if you feel like relaxing, our pension is the ideal place to take a break. We offer our services in the new exclusive and impressive venue suitable for various events, programs or weddings.