Horse Show

hajnal11The Hungarian equestrian traditions and traditional gastronomy blend of three hours of “Rad riders in the afternoon.”

Upon arrival, a welcome palinka and bread and dripping mangalica offer to guests, for whom the 45-minute demonstration of traditional striped animal husbandry evoke our ancestors, the groom a horse wrangler intimate relationship with.

Program: equestrian skill games, musical chairs, lint cloth, cut Pitcher, table pleasures zolioats, wife beating, whipping, Koch-five, driving carriages Lipizzaner show.



fogat 1
After the presentation of the flavors of the main roles: to welcome guests for wine tasting and dinner is served in the Hungarian gipsy music.

Choice dishes: goulash, stuffed cabbage, beef stew, children’s menu.

0.5 liters of beer or soft drink / person