Horse Riding Hall

In the Equestrian Center 21 horse riders waiting for the sports lovers throughout the year.

Lipizzaner are at your disposal, Slide and the Hungarian Half-Blood kennel horses, by appropriate means, in addition to professional education!

Lovaspálya 25 For children, the most popular program we offer the riding school pony rides. Our guests are two paddocks waiting for experienced riders in the terrain turns riding experience even more unforgettable time spent here.

A unique and special relaxation in the coach and carriage rides.

Horse racing path  possible, to hold demonstrations.

In winter, when the weather is favorable, a unique experience for the horse-drawn sleigh, gliding silently as the snow crunching.


The riding school program is the crown jewel of our product range we offer a 3 hour containing “Radio rider afternoon” program, which in addition to the traditional Hungarian striped patterns, illustrate some of the past traditions associated with arcade games.

Those who are interested in the famous Hungarian equestrian traditions and, definitely recommend them to visit their spectacular horse show.